How Novi helped cut our audit from 1 week to 1 day

Chip Tatum, CEO, Apartment Association of Greater Orlando

Hey there! I'm glad I got your attention.

I'm Chip Tatum, the CEO of the Apartment Association of Greater Orlando. As our association grew,  so did our accounting problems. Our old AMS didn't work well with QuickBooks, and as a result, the accounting was a disaster.

Transactions were often duplicated or found in the wrong account, costing the staff hundreds of hours a year in cleanup work. Worse yet, these accounting issues were affecting the members. AAGO's member invoices were often sent late and applied incorrectly, so members would frequently receive the unwelcome surprise of outdated, past due invoices. Due to inaccurate and late billing, the Association's accounts receivable ballooned and cash flow lagged.

All of these problems were causing me to spend hours of my valuable time reviewing and correcting errors in the financial reporting. With annual audits taking a week on average, my whole team was feeling defeated and overwhelmed. 

Enter the Novi AMS Two-Way, 24/7 QuickBooks Sync

Fed up with workarounds and wasted time, AAGO partnered with Novi AMS to develop an AMS unlike any other – one built by associations for associations. Considering our current and past challenges, we knew there had to be a simpler, cleaner way to record and process transactions.

Before switching to Novi AMS, AAGO was using a one-way, error-prone QuickBooks data dump, and it simply wasn't working like we needed it to. To eliminate this issue, Novi AMS constructed a two-way continuous sync with QuickBooks Online, an error-free accounting tool that seamlessly syncs records in the background around the clock.

Even the Most Skeptical Bookkeeper Trusts Novi AMS

Despite initial hesitations, AAGO's bookkeeping manager, Dominica Hurst, soon fell in love with Novi AMS' two-way sync.

"After we moved to Novi AMS, for the first two months, I double checked every transaction and sync. Because I was so scarred by our old AMS duplicating transactions, messing up classifications and having sync problems, I felt compelled to double check everything. But I soon realized Novi AMS' sync was awesome." – Dominica Hurst, AAGO Bookkeeping Manager

The dreaded audit process has become a breeze. Even our auditors were impressed by the quick turnaround. Before switching to Novi, audits would take a week to complete. Now they're done in a day, making the records more accurate and the overall process 80% faster.

Novi has really been a game changer for us. It freed up so much administrative time across my staff that it has really enabled us to focus on our mission and create change. The Novi team has my contact info if you ever want to talk. 

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