Michael (Misha) Getter

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After leading IT departments at a variety of nonprofits over the past 20 years and watching evolution within association IT, I have come to realize that small associations are finally well positioned to take a leap forward that will make them more efficient and effective than their much larger peers.

While larger associations struggle with the technological debt and massive amounts of custom solutions, smaller nonprofits are able to capitalize on the latest advances in integrated best-of-fit solutions.

I am excited to be working with forward-thinking associations that are starting to move in that direction by automating and speeding up their internal operations. This frees up their staff to focus on member service and mission critical tasks. The mission I am passionate about - is helping small association capitalize on the latest technology, lighten the daily burden for their small and overworked staff, while helping deliver value to their constituents.


Parent: 501evolved

Photo of Michael (Misha) Getter